Mrs. Houghton's Gingersnaps Child Care & Playschool

in West Salem, Oregon

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About Me

I have been a professional child care provider for more than twenty years. This vocation came about as the natural result of a lifelong interest in young children, their development, nutrition, and growth.

In my teens, I did volunteer work with children ages 18 months to 11 years old. As a young mother, I naturally became much more interested in children's development and began to read, read, read to gain a greater understanding of how children think, learn, and grow—all the while continuing to volunteer with young children.

My husband and I have four children. I can honestly say that I have thoroughly loved and enjoyed every age and phase of their lives. That is not to say there weren't challenges, but it has been wonderful, nevertheless.

Currently, I enjoy the continuing education offered for Oregon child care professionals in the Salem area. It's good to get new ideas and other perspectives to keep things fresh and interesting.

I am licensed through the state of Oregon.